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We are in the business of helping golfers master their passion and excel at what they love. Through the use of the best golf simulator technology, the UNEEKOR EYEXO, we give golfers the fastest, most precise, convenient and comfortable indoor training experience, with everything you need at your fingertips. Discover simple and profound insights to get better and enjoy your golf more.

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Our facility has access to thousands of famous courses around the world meticulously mapped in 4K graphics on GSPro. User profiles can be created and saved to play in online tournaments against players locally or around the world. Playing courses in the best way to sharpen your game from tee to green.



The EYEXO precisely measures spin using non marked golf balls, this is a revolutionary first for an overhead launch monitor. Get your analytics while you play. The data captures angles and speed of both club and ball, and also detects impact location and angle of attack. The high speed video replay of the actual impact also provides invaluable feedback.

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We have a number of different options for driving ranges at our facility. Using the driving range facilities allows the user to hone a specific skill set they are working on or to perform other tasks such as bag mapping or speed improvement. User profiles can be saved and data viewed online with your Uneekor ID.



The dual 160frame per second cameras offer crystal clear image capture of every golf swing. The video can be saved and viewed at a later date and compared to previous sessions or to other golfers. The software also has drawing tools for more in depth analysis.



The Uneekor Optix balance mat provides real time feedback of weight transfer not just laterally but also from heels to toes. This full 2D mapping of the weight transfer during the swing allows the golfer to monitor form and tempo for not only full swings but just is critically short chips and pitch shots. 



At Braeside we have a short game area for putting into real golf holes on flat putting turf, perfect for practising those 6ft, 8ft and 10ft putts or longer. In addition the simulators we use with the Uneekor EYEXO are perfect for putting and chipping at any distances. This is a big difference compared to other simulators on the market that fall short in this area.


The UNEEKOR EYE XO uses 2 high-speed cameras to provide instant shot feedback with high accuracy and in-depth data. These next generation launch monitors are standard at GolfSim and will help you take your game to the next level.

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The perfect environment for PGA professionals to  improve their golf games and coach their students. Personalised and high quality coaching is enhanced by the sheer amount of useable data displayed by the simulators. The highest levels of accuracy and analytics customised for every lesson. 


The best technology means having amazing clarity to review your swing, automated with every shot. Our swing optix gives beautiful 160 frames per second. Draw, compare swings, export swing video files. Remove the club blur, see and understand exactly why.

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Most simulators give you an animation from calculated data, that you have to try and trust. UNEEKOR EYEXO gives you 3200 frame per second club AND ball video on automatic replay. See the milliseconds around impact, where on the club face the ball impact exactly, the gearing effect of the club after impact. A picture speaks a thousand words. The UNEEKOR EYEXO gives you indisputable facts. As the high speed cameras are accurately measuring the club AND the ball, you get an  outstanding system for club fitting and ball fitting. ​Ball speed, launch angles, carry and total distance, apex, total flight time,  club and ball speed, path, face angle, face to path, attack, loft and lie angles, vertical and horizontal impact points and smash factor.

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