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golf simulator frankston

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golf simulator frankston


From Tiger Wood's Paynes Valley to Pebble Beach, everything in-between and even more, suitable for all ages and abilities. Come and experience the best courses the world has to offer. Hundreds of courses to choose from.

golf club frankston golf course


Enjoy the most immersive golf, playing in 4K graphics, unlike any golf experience before. We custom make our own home cinema impact screens so the image is perfect and flat. The he feel is ultra precise with instantaneous ball tracking. 

frankston driving range


The Uneekor launch monitors precisely measures the flight of your ball at the moment of impact using extrememly high speed and infrared cameras. Meaning you get absolute certainty of your analytics during play.

Where to find us?

Golfsim General Public

16-22 Playne Street
Frankston, VIC, 3199

Rooftop Parking:

Enter from Davey Street off Nepean Highway

P: 1300 576 740

golf simulator frankston
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