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Braeside Indoor Golf

Game Improvement

The most user friendly, easy to use, latest and most advanced- game improvement technology. Analyse and improve your game in the best way possible.

Course Play

Experience the difference of true all round game play. The widest choice of the best course software options with the best graphics and the highest levels of accuracy. 

For golfers who only want the very best, with priority access. Become part of our very special community of passionate golfers. Join now.


Golfsim Braeside is Melbourne's premium golfing event venue. When you book it, the venue is exclusively yours. Enquire now.

GolfSim Play is for real golfers, serious about improving their golf games.

About GolfSim Play

Golfsim-Play is the indoor golf club element of our parent company, Golfsim Australia. 
We are in the business of helping golfers master their passion and excel at what they love. Through the use of the best golf simulator technology, the UNEEKOR EYEXO, we give golfers the fastest, most precise, convenient and comfortable indoor training experience, with everything you need at your fingertips. Discover simple and profound insights to get better and enjoy your golf more.
Since 2010 GolfSim Australia has been at the leading edge of the most advanced golf simulator technology, design and installation into high end homes and indoor centres around Australia and New Zealand. For those who love golf, we believe we design, build and install the best thing they could ever buy. We see the joy our simulators bring people, the best golf experience in their own home. 
​With this experience over all these years, we have seen what has worked and not worked in indoor golf centres. Now, with GolfSim Play, we've taken all of this experience and built what we believe is the most advanced golf simulator studios, with the most stunning, immersive and graphically rich golf simulators.
​Golf is our passion. But it is more than a game we love, it is the often lifelong friends we make playing the game we love most. Our desire is to create a community of golfers who want the best, whether it be for their best possible improvement or the best overall golfing experience, amongst a network of people who enrich their lives and they love to play this great game with.

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